‘A huge blow’ Barclays announces more branch closures – full list of branches set to close

Wendy Moore, 75, said: “I just wonder how people in financial difficulties would go on now with these sort of problems, if there’s no one to go in and actually speak to.

“I cope because I know a little about the systems but I fear for people who have not been in that environment, and who are not particularly able to understand some of the procedures.

“Like form filling – there needs to be someone who can help people fill in forms because sometimes they are pages long.”

She warned that losing high street branches has an impact on older people’s lifestyle.

She said: “It gives you less reason to go anywhere.

“As you get older, while you can still get about and into town, it’s a means of communicating with people.

“I think it’s sad, because people do everything on their phone. That’s OK, but there’s a lack of interpersonal skills.