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British Gas is highlighting advice from its engineers who are working across the country to address peoples’ energy concerns. This comes as energy bills have risen by 27 percent on average amid the nation’s ongoing cost of living crisis. According to one of the supplier’s engineers, there are “simple things you do” to reduce your gas and electricity costs.

Speaking exclusively to, Joanna Flowers, a Manchester-based service and repair engineer at British Gas, outlined what families can do in the winter months to save money on their energy bills.

Ms Flowers explained: “Colder weather is coming, which means as well as checking your heating system is in good working order, it’s time to take steps to maximise the energy efficiency of your home.

“There are lots of simple things you can do around the house to keep everything working without using more energy than you need. 

“Only do what you’re comfortable with and contact a qualified engineer if you need help.”

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British Gas has shared easy ways households can reduce their energy bills this winter, which in total can save up to £466.

One of the ways people can save £15 a year is by wrapping up a house’s pipes to avoid potential damage in the winter months.

In extremely cold weather, pipes can freeze and potentially burst if not seen too, according to British Gas.

The supplier stated: “The best solution is to stop the water inside your pipes from freezing in the first place.


“Insulating materials are an easy, cost-effective solution, available from most DIY stores – it will ensure the pipes don’t lose heat, saving an average of £15 on your bills and preventing any costly repairs.”

On top of this, British Gas is reminding households to heat their home and not their walls which can save £25 annually.

Families can cover a thin sheet of card with tinfoil and place it behind their radiator as an energy-saving measure.

Doing this will reflect the heat back into the rooms in a house which will result in them warming up faster.

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Another way people can save money on their energy bills is by avoiding turning up their thermostat in the winter.

According to British Gas, families should aim to set their main room thermostat somewhere between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius.

If they can achieve this, households will save around 10 percent on their heating bills which is an average of £115 a year.

British Gas added: “It’s also a good idea to set your thermostat to one temperature and then use a timer to turn it on and off when you need the heating most.

“That way you won’t waste excess energy from leaving the heating on too high, for too long.”

Finally, Britons are being encouraged to adopt and use energy-efficient technology which will reduce their bills in the long-term.

Smart thermostats allow households to control their heating while outside the home which can save cash.

British Gas reports that its customers who use Hive Active Heating save around £311 on average.