Carer’s Allowance: How it can affect your State Pension, Council Tax and other benefits

This is due to the overlapping benefits rules. 

However, if a person’s State Pension is less than £69.70 per week, they can get the difference paid in Carer’s Allowance. 

For example, if the State Pension is £50 per week people can get £19.70 per week in Carer’s Allowance.

If it is more than no claim can be made, however, Britons could still be able to claim “underlying entitlement” to Carer’s Allowance.

This could increase any means-tested benefits a person is getting, or it could mean that they become entitled to means-tested benefits for the first time.

Having an “underlying entitlement” to Carer’s Allowance means that an amount called the Carer Addition will be included when working out whether the person is entitled to means-tested benefits.