Cost of cheapest food has more than doubled – could you save money on the food shop? | Personal Finance | Finance

In the last six months alone the data shows vegetable oil prices rose by nearly half (46 percent) and chips by almost a quarter (24 percent).

Alongside these figures, the ONS has published new analysis of data from its near real-time Opinions and Lifestyle Survey, which shows around 7 in 10 (72 percent) of people with prepayment meters found it difficult to afford their energy bills at the beginning of October.

National Statistician Ian Diamond said: “While the recent spike in inflation began with energy prices, today’s fresh insights using a new innovative data source show they are now filtering through to other important items, with the cheapest price of some staple food items rising by around two thirds in the last year.

“Figures from our near real time survey of people show that while rises in food and energy costs are affecting many people across the country, those who are disabled, from certain ethnic minority backgrounds and renters are among those struggling the most.”

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