Countries seeing largest increase in electric and gas bills – how does UK compare?

Bulgaria follows just behind with more eye-watering figures of 225 percent.

Germany ranks third after seeing an increase of 218 percent. As mentioned, UK comes fourth with a 209.1 percent increase, followed by Austria in fifth place with an increase of 207.3 percent.

  1. Belgium – 234.1 percent increase
  2. Bulgaria – 224 percent increase
  3. Germany – 218 percent increase
  4. UK – 209.1 percent increase 
  5. Austria – 207.3 percent increase

Tips to reduce energy bills

There are several things you can do to help reduce your energy consumption, and one of the most simple means to do it is to unplug the energy vampires.

Experts at the Underfloor Heating Store said: “Anything that sits on standby is likely to be using energy that you don’t need to use – chargers, laptops, televisions, games consoles – even the kettle is guilty!”

Updating your thermostat could also be a good option. Thermostats control the temperature by communicating with your boiler that the house has reached the temperature you’ve set, triggering the boiler to go off until the temperature drops below it again.

Underfloor Heating Store experts said: “Old thermostats often see a 3-5C delay in your boiler switching on again, resulting in your boiler taking longer to heat your house back up to your set temperature – so make sure to keep yours up to date.”