Energy bills warning as ‘small changes’ now could see you slash costs by £355 this winter

If a person replaces their standard room thermostat with an ON/OFF load compensation thermostat, users have the ability to reduce their gas use by around 10 percent according to the December 2021 study by the UK energy trade association body BEAMA.

Mr Van der Merwe explained: “ON/OFF load compensation is a method of minimising energy use by calculating the demand from a thermostat.

“As the temperature approaches the required setting, the boiler will fire for shorter periods of time, ensuring a constant temperature is maintained.”

BEAMA also found that switching to a directly modulating load or weather compensation thermostat could deliver a 12 percent gas reduction.

Mr Van der Merwe also reiterated the importance of “smart tech” such as smart meters and smart thermostats.

Mr Van der Merwe said: “By making small efficiency gains now, consumers can nip the impact of October’s increase in the bud. This is only possible through connected digital technology.

“Smart technology such as smart thermostats and smart home energy systems can help consumers understand their energy bills, paying close attention to consumption levels.”

“Currently, Brits are 50 percent more likely to own a voice assistant than a smart thermostat, so there is work to be done in shifting the mindset toward digital technologies.”

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