‘Goes towards our weekly shopping’: Man shares ‘good idea’ which boosted income by £547

Neil Powell, 45, has been able to make an astonishing £7,661 by making use of one website. He spoke exclusively with Express.co.uk about how he has been able to make this extra cash.

Mr Powell has been a member of TopCashback since 2008 after his work colleague recommended it to him. On average, each year he has been able to claim back £547. Over 14 years he has earned over £7,500.

Neil’s biggest cashback earning was £150 for opening an ISA with Foresters Friendly Society.

He has withdrawn his cashback as cash in the past, but recently, to help with the cost-of-living crisis, he’s turned to transferring his earnings into TopGiftCards for shopping at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and John Lewis as people can get bonus cashback for withdrawing this way.

Mr Powell Neil has also made use of TopCashback Compare – an insurance comparison tool to help members find the best deals and earn.

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He said: “In 2008 I was using comparison sites such as Kelkoo to check prices, and the option of getting money back on items that I was going to buy anyway sounded like a good idea!

“In the 14 years I have been using TopCashback, I have made £7,661.

“I try to use TopCashback for all my shopping. I will look online first to research which website has the cheapest price for an item first, then see if that site is on Topcashback.

“If they are there, then I will buy my item via TopCashback. If not, then normally go back to the cheaper site and buy it there.”


He continued: “Therefore, I sometimes transfer smaller cashback amounts to Avios. Larger amounts (over £10) I normally put into a Sainsbury’s voucher which goes towards our weekly shopping.”

When discussing downsides, Mr Powell mentioned that cashback is not guaranteed and can sometimes fail to track, or a retailer may decline someone’s cashback.

The cashback is also not immediate and can take a few months to be payable.

For anyone thinking of starting to use cashback, Mr Powell states it is “fairly straightforward“.

He continued: “Firstly, create an account or log on to TopCashback, and search for the site you want to use for shopping. 

“If you find it, make sure you click on the link through TopCashback.

“The site will load, then make your purchase. TopCashback will then ‘track’ the purchase and add the cashback amount to your account and will inform you via email. This can take a few days but sometimes is only a few minutes.

“The cashback then progresses through ‘pending’, ‘confirmed’ and ‘payable’ over the course of a few weeks/months until it’s available to be paid out.”