HMRC scam calls offer tax rebates – warning signs in texts, letters and phone calls

Scambusters Mail bag – answering your scam questions

What do I do if someone comes to my door and I think it is a scam?

Scambusters say: “As soon as you can close down the conversation, do not let them into your home.

“If they are within your home and you feel threatened, make an excuse to go to another room and call the Police immediately.

“If the person has left then do the same and call a relative. It’s important to report incidents like this to your local trading standards officer as well. They can be reached through your local authority.”

Which emails can I trust?

Scambusters say: “Great question, now most email accounts filter out scam and spam emails but scammers are always changing where they send emails from so that they can get through the spam filters, so you should always be on the lookout.

“If you receive an email you’re not expecting, look at the email address it’s coming from including clicking on the email address so it shows it as well as the name.

“The first check is does it look consistent, is the name the same as the email address. If not, delete it.

“Secondly when you hover the mouse over a link what comes up? Does the link look consistent with the firm name and their website? If not, delete it. If it is, still never click on the link but instead google and visit the website this way. If the result does not come up at the top or close to the top of Google we would recommend not visiting it.”