Letter to the editor: Finfish small business a menace to Maine

Thanksgiving is a holiday normally characterized by two items: gratitude and foods. But how often do we assume about the place that food will come from? How normally do we seem down at our environmentally friendly bean casserole and trace the path countless numbers of miles throughout the United States where all those environmentally friendly beans were developed, transported, canned, delivered, marketed and eventually set in your searching cart?

Understanding exactly where our food items arrives from is significant mainly because devoid of tracing its origins we could be unknowingly supporting businesses that really do not have Maine’s greatest pursuits at coronary heart. This is primarily true for farmed finfish. Industrial-scale finfish farms, or elevating fish (commonly salmon) in pens or cages to be harvested to be eaten, is a large menace to our regional food items method. Not only do these large functions deliver amazing quantities of pollution from chemical flow and fish waste, but they also threaten the thoroughly clean and healthy waters that Maine fishermen, farmers and lobstermen count on for their catches.

These companies are eyeing Maine’s waters correct now. We have presently viewed land-primarily based amenities proposed in Belfast and Jonesport, and ocean-based mostly services in Gouldsboro with a lot more propositions on the horizon. Now is the time to stand up against these corporations and secure Maine’s identification as the leading supply for sustainable, contemporary, and earlier mentioned all, delicious seafood. This holiday getaway time, be grateful for the ocean. Even much more importantly, display your gratitude by preserving farmed finfish off of your plate.

Erin Bachmeier

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