Little-known button on boiler could save hundreds on energy bills – ‘you’re going to save’

The plumbing and heating experts at @plumbingdoctors showed how you can turn down the heat of the flow water in your boiler. The rather simple method can be used on certain boilers if you know how to do it, and will save on your energy bills.

The experts behind the account demonstrated how to do it on a Valliant boiler in the short video.

They said: “If you’ve got this boiler and you want to save a bit of gas, I’ll show you how to do it.

“So, what we’re going to do is turn the temperature down on the hot water.”

Changing the flow temperature on a boiler means the water that is heated and sent into your radiators will be cooler or hotter, depending on the change you make.

The account, run by heating professionals, isn’t the only place this trick has been recommended.

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Most boilers have the flow temperature set automatically to 60 or 80 degrees.

However, the experts suggest: “The domestic hot water temperature, get it as low as you can.

“My advice is maybe set it at about 50 degrees. Go to your bath, run your bath tap, and if that’s warm enough leave it as that.

“If it’s still too hot keep going down. The lower you get this the more gas you’re going to save. So, lower the setting and press okay.”

What happens when you lower the flow temperature?

Your bills are likely to decrease, according to the experts. However, there are some other effects you will notice.

It might take a little longer for your home to heat up. Your radiators will not feel as hot.

These are both actually signs that your heating is working more efficiently.

It is very important to note that homeowners have a hot water cylinder system they should absolutely not try this hack.

If the temperature is lowered, there is a change of legionella.

This is a dangerous bacteria that can cause a potentially deadly disease like pneumonia.

Boiler tips to save money

Clean your boiler and radiators

Keeping the boiler clean means the system does not have to work so hard to heat the house.

This will increase the efficiency of the boiler and its lifespan.

Research by Enertek International found a clogged-up heating system can increase your bills by 25 percent.

Use the right setting on the boiler

Homeowners need not have their boilers on high settings unless it is very cold or in the middle of winter.

Lowering the settings in summer and during milder temperatures can save money on bills.

Use a timer

Set a timer on your boiler so it is turned off when you aren’t using it.

A good time to turn it off is during the night and when you go out.