Pensioners eligible for extra £92.40 a week if they have health condition – how to apply

Attendance Allowance is designed to help those of the state pension age who suffer from a long-term health condition or disability. Money from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) payment is awarded depending on the “severity” of someone’s health condition. The benefit payment is paid at two different rates, one higher and the other lower, because of this.

State pensioners will be eligible for £92.40 a week if they are eligible for the higher amount or £61.85 if they are entitled to the lower rate.

Someone who is suffering from a severe health condition or illness would get £369.60 a month from Attendance Allowance.

All claimants have a responsibility to inform the DWP if their health condition betters or worsens as this could affect how much they will get.

Those looking to apply for Attendance Allowance can download a claim form via the GOV.UK website.

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To qualify for this support, applicants must have physical disability, which includes sensory impairment like blindness or a mental condition, or even both.

As well as this, a pensioner’s condition must be severe enough for them to need help from a carer or supervisor for their own safety.

This help must also have been needed for at least six months unless the person applying only has that period of time left to live.

Under this scenario, Attendance Allowance can be awarded as soon as the claimant needs help from a carer.


Older people who apply under these circumstances will qualify for the higher rate of Attendance Allowance.

On its website, Turn2us shared with applicants what documents they will need to put forward a claim for Attendance Allowance.

The charity stated: “You should give your National Insurance number. If you do not have a National Insurance number, send in the claim form anyway to save delays.

“You may also be asked for proof of your identity, such as a birth certificate, passport or driving licence.”

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However, the organisation warned that pensioners need to be aware of the limitations imposed on the application process.

Regarding this issue, Turn2us stated: “A claim for Attendance Allowance cannot be backdated.

“The date of your claim will be the date you call and ask for a claim form as long as you complete and return it within the time given.

“If you download a claim form, it will be the date your completed claim form is received.”

Age UK encourages anyone applying for the state pensioner benefit to be as accurate as possible during the process.

Writing on its website, the charity said: “When filling out the form, be really clear about how your illness or disability affects your life and attach any supporting information, such as GP letters, your care plans, or prescription lists.

“Once you’ve submitted your form, the Department of Work and Pensions may contact you for more information or arrange a doctor visit.

“It’s a good idea to prepare for this visit by writing things down you think the doctor should know about.”