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Searches for “electric blanket” have skyrocketed as customers face rising energy bills. 

Analysis of Google search data reveals that in October, searches for ‘electric blankets’ spiked 1,205%, compared to the average over the past five years. The soaring interest in electric blankets is taking place amid huge increases in energy bills.

The analysis of Google trends data by insurance experts A-Plan Insurance, reveals that electric blankets have also been searched the greatest number of times this year, compared to any year since 2004.

James Haynes, Branch Manager at A-Plan Insurance, commented on the findings: “The UK has already dealt with skyrocketing bills over the past few months due to inflation and the soaring costs of wholesale oil. Now, we’re having to face the stark reality of the energy price increase in October.

“In our current financial climate, people find themselves watching their smart meters when they turn on an appliance, avoiding turning the heating on altogether or finding alternative ways to heat their homes due to the soaring energy bills.

“According to GOV.UK, the average household in Great Britain will spend £2,500 on their energy bill. Despite the new price cap that went into effect on the 1st of October, this price is still much higher than in previous years.

“‘Electric blankets’ seeing a peak in searches compared to the past five years shows that many Brits are seeking ways to save money before the colder months hit. There are several options to save money. However, purchasing an electric blanket is a quick and hassle-free choice.”