Smith County business pays $890K fine in connection with illegal gaming – KLTV

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – A corporation has taken the fall for a business which held illegal gaming.

Lucky Tunes #3, which was located in the 11000 block of Highway 64 East, was raided in February of 2019 and 90 gambling machines were seized.

According to District Attorney Jacob Putman, cases have been pending against the business, as well as against stakeholders ever since the store was shut down. Putman said that 2019 raid was the second time the store had been raided and shut down.

In court on Thursday, the corporation pleaded no contest to a charge of deceptive business practice, so the charges against the stakeholders were dismissed.

As part of the agreement, the corporation paid a fine of $890,322.68, which was the amount the business made while in Smith County.

“This is illegal and it’s not tolerated in Smith County,” Putman said. “Don’t come back.”

Putman said they claimed to be operating a music business when really, they were operating a game room.

“Some people seem to think there’s some confusion of the law about game rooms, they are illegal in Texas. We enforce the laws of the State of Texas, the sheriff’s office does as well,” he said. “We let game rooms know, they are not welcome here because the law prohibits them.”