2:22 A Ghost Story review – Cheryl shines in her spooky West End debut | Theatre | Entertainment

The perform usually takes spot above just one evening with Jenny and her sceptical husband Sam (Scott Karim) acquiring one more couple, Lauren (Louise Ford) and Ben (Jake Wood), more than for a dinner celebration. The dialogue before long moves on to the alleged ghostly intruder and they all concur to stay up until 2:22am to see if something takes place. As the evening progresses through various time jumps, creepy and unexplainable items start off to occur as the 4 discussion the existence of the supernatural and provide up the ghosts of their possess pasts.

2:22 A Ghost Tale is gripping all over, checking out themes of course, interactions, science and faith. It’s extra chilling than it is an precise scary horror, but there is plenty of edge-of-your-seat pressure and a shocking amount of giggle-out-loud moments. The depth of Robins’ script exists alongside the play’s far more common appeal of loud-screeching soar scares and foxes howling just to continue to keep the audience on their toes. Adding to the environment at initially, these soon develop into as tiresome as a naff ghost practice.

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