Beauty trends Kylie Jenner is obsessed about

The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner, has made a major mark in the beauty industry with her brand Kylie Cosmetics. Over the years, the fashionista has ignited several beauty trends that have taken the internet by storm. Be it overlining her lips, having an all-matte base or simply flaunting faux freckles, the diva has often grabbed headlines for her beauty hacks and tips. 

The beauty mogul never shies away from sharing her skincare and beauty secrets with her fans. And, her advice is worth noting. In several recent interviews and interactions, Jenner has spoken about the beauty trends she is currently obsessing about. Here’s a quick rundown!

During a recent product launch event, the makeup mogul revealed her favourite product from her brand, the fall trends she loves, and the person she draws the most beauty inspiration from. 

While speaking to Byrdie, the reality TV show personality revealed the one Kylie Cosmetics product she cannot live without. “My lip kits. The shade ‘Kylie’ is my obsession. I can’t leave the house without it,” Jenner said. 

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While talking about the fall beauty trend she is excited to try, the 25-year-old revealed that she has developed an obsession with really dark lip liner looks. “I used to match it with my skin tone. Now, I’m really into the very dark liner and light centre, so I’ll probably be doing that a lot for the fall,” Jenner said.

The diva also spoke about her favourite makeup look. And, unlike her previous choice, she is currently obsessing over glowy skin base, which she achieves with ultra-hydrating foundations and serums. 

During the same interaction, she shared that she mixes different lip shades to create custom lip colours for different attires. And, if you are wondering who is her biggest beauty inspiration, let us tell you that it’s none other than her mother Kris Jenner.