Cannes Film Festival declines accreditation to Russian journalists of outlets not opposing Ukraine conflict

Russian journalists associated with publications that do not adhere to Cannes Film Festival’s position on Russia’s military operation in Ukraine have been declined press accreditation requests by Cannes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, along with public condemnation of Russia`s military operation, Cannes has also officially un-invited all official Russian delegates or anyone linked to the Russian government from taking part in the 2022 film festival.

However, this is only the case for those who have not condemned Russia`s military operation in Ukraine. In fact, Russian director Kirill Serebrennikov will be at the festival this year and present his latest feature, the historical drama ‘Tchaikovsky’s Wife’, in competition.

The outlet reported that the filmmaker is considered a dissident and earlier this year, before leaving the country, he had been targeted by Moscow and held under house arrest.

“We would like to salute the courage of all those in Russia who have taken risks to protest against the assault and invasion of Ukraine,” read the festival’s statement on March 1, as per The Hollywood Reporter.

The outlet also noted that open opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s regime has become both difficult and dangerous for Russian journalists because of the harsh new censorship laws.