Chris Pine surprises ‘Five Days at Memorial’ premiere to support dad, Robert Pine

Hollywood star Chris Pine made a surprise appearance on the red carpet at the ‘Five Days at Memorial’ premiere to support his dad, Robert Pine, in his newest acting endeavour.

According to Variety, the father-son duo posed together before Chris entered the theatre, allowing his father to walk the press line.

For Robert, his decision to get involved with this project came down to the script. “John Ridley and Carlton Cuse wrote [the script], and you just don`t get good writing like that all the time,” Pine told Variety. “I mean, any actor here can tell you that. So when something like that comes up — whether it`s even a small role or whatever — you leap on it because you want to be part of something like that.”

‘Five Days at Memorial’ covers the true account of Memorial Hospital during and after Hurricane Katrina brutally destroyed the city of New Orleans in 2005. The series, which is based on Sheri Fink`s book, follows the medical personnel as floodwaters rise, power goes out, and the temperature increases. Vera Farmiga, Cornelius Smith Jr., Cherry Jones, Julie Ann Emery, Adepero Oduye, Molly Hager, and Michael Gaston are among the cast members of the limited series, which was created by Emmy Award winner Carlton Cuse and Academy Award winner John Ridley.

Pine plays Horace Baltz, a Memorial Hospital doctor who wears a bow tie and tries to maintain order amidst the pandemonium. The bowtie, according to Pine, was a decision he made on his own to honour a friend.

“A friend of mine is an orthopedic surgeon,” Pine explained. “And anytime I play a doctor, I like to wear a bowtie for him. Yeah, he`s been my best friend since the fourth grade.”