Denise Richards and husband shot at during a road-rage incident in Los Angeles

Actress Denise Richards had a harrowing incident on Monday when she found herself in the middle of a road rage incident that led to gunfire. The car that she and her husband were traveling in was shot at during the incident. 

According to reports, Denise was headed to Popsicle Studio in LA with her husband Aaron Phypers who was driving the car. Reports state that Aaron was having a tough time finding the place and the driver behind him got irritated and started shouting while trying to overtake them. 

Phypers let the driver in. The man then shot at the pair’s truck. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Eyewitnesses stated that Denise arrived at the studio looking visibly rattled and sobbing. But subsequently went on to shoot her portions.

 The Los Angeles Police Department has confirmed that it is investigating the incident.