Fact Check: Did ‘The Simpsons’ predict Queen Elizabeth II’s death? Here’s the truth

Over the years, The Simpsons have always shocked everyone around the world with their strange predictions. Recently, the internet was amazed again after few posts from the famous American sitcom went viral claiming that the show has predicted the death of Britain’s longest-serving monarch Queen Elizabeth II. But this time, the claims are unfortunately not true. 

Several videos, memes and photos have been going viral showing the death of Queen Elizabeth and the date she died. These posts have been garnering millions of views and people are reacting and re-sharing the post several times. 

But, after fact-checking,  several websites are claiming that these photos and videos from the animated show are altered and false. The reality is that the show has never shown the death of the late monarch in any of its episodes, so far.

One video that has been going viral shows a cartoon version of Queen Elizabeth lying in a coffin with the date of her death displayed on the side, reading, “Elizabeth II 1926-2022.” Several sites have claimed that this video is doctored. Before Elizabeth, a similar false video featured former President Donald Trump lying in the casket by claiming that he will die due to covid-19. 

Another altered video that is going viral shows a clip from season 15 episode 4, called ‘The Regina Monologues,’ where the Simpson family is vacationing in the United Kingdom and Homer accidentally crashes his car into the Queen’s horse carriage.

Further, it shows, Queen getting out of the carriage and Homer talking to her when the camera zoom in and shows the note reading her actual death date. 

The whole video is real except for the last part of the video which has been edited in the original episode. 

People were quick to catch the edited version and wrote, per NYP, “That date was never in the original. Nice try.”

Another wrote, “Yeah nice edit btw. Heads up tho you missed a few frames there.”

According to Politifact, Queen Elizabeth has only appeared in six episodes of ‘The Simpsons,’ none of the episodes showed or even mention her death. 

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