Global 80s hit ‘Shattered Dreams’ has been given a modern makeover – for a special reason | Music | Entertainment

The music video features Datchler performing the song, accompanied by images taken during the conflict.

As well as encouraging people to donate to Poland Welcomes, Datchler will be donating the single’s streaming and download revenue to the charity.

Datchler said: “When the war in Ukraine started, the sheer shock of it made me want to do something to help – but I didn’t know what.

“Then a friend suggested that “Shattered Dreams” could represent what people in Ukraine are going through.

“It wasn’t written as an anti-war song – but it is a song about your hopes and aspirations being damaged.

“I’m donating all my royalties from this brand-new version of the song to Poland Welcomes. I’ve spent a lot of time with the charity over the last few months, including a visit to their shelters in eastern Poland.

“So I can say, hand-on-heart, that their work is desperately needed – and also that it’s really difficult for them, as a small Polish charity, to raise the significant amounts of money that are involved.

“I’m hoping that, when people hear the song, they will be moved to donate too.”

Kamil Prusinowski, Vice President of Poland Welcomes, said: “Poland Welcomes started in February as a group of friends, all volunteering to do what we could to help out.

“I thought I would drink some coffee and build a few bunk beds – but, eight months later, we are running five shelters for up to 600 Ukrainian guests.

“Winter is hard in Ukraine. It will be freezing cold, there’s very little fuel, and many buildings are bomb-damaged.

“More people will flee – and we will be here to offer a hot meal and a warm bed in Poland.

“We wouldn’t be able to do that without the extraordinary help of the international friends we’ve made along the way – though I could not have predicted a charity single from a British pop star.

“So a big “dziękujemy bardzo” – thank you so much – from us to Clark, and to everyone who listens to the song.”

Shattered Dreams of Ukraine is available to download or stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and YouTube, from November 4th.