John Legend reveals where he stands regarding his friendship with Kanye West

Grammy-winning singer John Legend has cleared up where he stands regarding his friendship with Kanye West, stating that they “aren`t friends as much as we used to be.” As per E! News, the duo used to be quite close, with the `All of Me` singer even performing at Kanye`s wedding to ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Delving into the reason behind their falling out, John referred back to Kanye`s run for president in the 2020 election and the rapper`s support for former President Donald Trump. “I honestly think because we publicly disagreed on his running for office, his supporting Trump, I think it became too much for us to sustain our friendship,” John explained during the recent episode of `The Axe Files` podcast, reported E! News.

The singer continued, “He was upset that I didn`t support his run for presidency of the United States of America for understandable reasons.”

“And we really haven`t been close since then,” John noted. However, despite their current distance, John explained that having Kanye as a friend back in the day was helpful when it came to navigating rapid success in his career.

John recalled of Kanye, “When it happened for him, like a year or so before it happened for me, that was actually useful for me because it was almost like an apprenticeship where I got to see everything that was going to happen to me like a year in advance.”

“And it helped me, I think, mentally prepare for it and know how to move in that world before I was the focus of attention,” he added, as per E! News.