Mr Malcom’s List review: colourblind drama a satisfactory adaptation

Rich, handsome, proud and notably rather prejudiced bachelor Mr Malcolm (Sope Dirisu), is fighting off fortune hunters in Regency England when he accidentally ruins the reputation of unmarried aristocrat Julia Thistlewaite (Zawe Ashton).

By yawning while accompanying her to the opera, he attracts the attention of the satirists, whose cutting “Next!” caricature becomes a hit across town.

When Julia learns from Mr Malcolm’s best friend that she failed a 10-point checklist of qualities the bachelor requires in a potential bride, she hatches her revenge.

Her old school friend (Freida Pinto) will be coached in how to pass every one of his tests, and when Mr Malcolm proposes she will turn him down, revealing he failed her own checklist of marriage-worthy qualities.

You can probably guess where this is heading, but witty dialogue, handsome costumes and likeable performances make for a satisfying adaptation of Suzanne Allain’s 2020 novel.

Mr Malcom’s List is in cinemas now (certificate 12A).