Nicki Minaj accuses Grammys of treating artists differently as it moves ‘Super Freaky Girl’ from Rap to Pop

After the Grammy Awards committee decided not to put Nicki Minaj’s Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 single ‘Super Freaky Girl’ in the rap category, the 39-year-old took to social media to call them out. And, from her posts, it’s evident that the rapper is not happy with the Academy deeming her song as a pop track. She accused the Grammys of treating the artists that straddle the crossover line differently and not being fair. 

To put forth her opinion, the rapper tweeted on Thursday, “I have no prob being moved out the RAP category as long as we r ALL being treated FAIRLY. (sic)” She further added, “If SFG (‘Super Freaky Girl’) has 2B moved out RAP then so does Big Energy!,” referring to the Latto’s hit number. “ANY1 who says diff is simply a Nicki hater or a troll.”

Later, Nicki shared a 17-minute-long video on Instagram to slam the Academy for their decision. “If you can’t tell by now that there is a concerted effort to give newer artists things that they really don’t deserve over people who have been deserving for many years, then you’re not paying attention. And by the way, this is not to say any song is bad or any female rapper is bad. I always say this: Any rapper, female or male, that wins a Grammy, you should be fucking proud of yourself. But why is the goalpost only ever moved when it’s Nicki? Well, I’ll tell you why. They don’t want the people that they have in the industry to go up against me.”

Nicki indicated that her song has more chances of winning in the Rap category instead of the Pop category. “Now what do you think is gonna happen when they start voting on these pop categories? And it’s a bunch of people, white or wherever they’re from, or older, and they have to decide between Nicki Minaj and Harry Styles, or Nicki Minaj and Adele? That’s purposely designed so Nicki is not in the (rap) category that we don’t want any competition in. Put her in there (in pop) so she has more competition and less of a chance to win.”

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She continued, “They move the goalposts when it comes to me because, in order for them to uplift the people who they want to shine, the people who these corporate giants can make the money off of, the people who control a lot of things behind the scenes, they have to elevate someone that they profit off.”

“There is an agenda because I am not signed to a 360, and for years, there was a certain label that had to pay me nonstop for their features,” Nicki expounded.

Voting for the first round of nominees started today and it is supposed to close by October 23. Nominees for the 2023 Grammys will be announced on November 15. The awards show will air live on February 5, 2023.