Rocketry: New trailer takes us back to Nambi Narayanan life & struggles

The new trailer of Madhavan’s most awaited movie ‘Rocketry The Nambi Effect’ has been released and like the previous one, this one also takes you to the struggles of the scientist Nambi Narayanan, who was accused of selling the secrets to another country. 

The highly anticipated biopic directed by Madhavan is all set to release on June 1.

The new trailer takes you back to the life of renowned scientist Narayanan and his enthusiasm to launch the satellites, for which he can do anything. But, how did a single tragedy change the entire life of the genius scientist and made the man a traitor.

The trailer opens up showing young Narayana full of energy and new ideas suggesting how they can launch the satellite on a less budget, and further shows how he was charged for spying and was arrested in the year 1994. 

Watch the trailer here:

The movie has a powerful star cast comprising of acclaimed stars like Phyllis Logan, Vincent Riotta and Ron Donachie and with a special cameo by Indian stars Shah Rukh Khan and Suriya.

The movie will be released simultaneously in multiple languages including Hindi, Tamil and English, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.