Rozy from South Korea, Kyra from India and other most-followed virtual influencers of 2022

The concept of getting some fake people to make a real impact is not so new in the field of media and entertainment. We can trace the origins of virtual celebrities to the early years of the digital revolution. Today, since we have several social media platforms, we can see more virtual influencers around us.

Just recently, India’s first virtual influencer Kyra crossed hundred thousand followers on Instagram. Another virtual influencer Rozy from South Korea has also managed to gain over a hundred thousand followers on the photo and video sharing platform. Several other virtual influencers from across the globe are making their presence felt online.

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Here’s a list of most-followed virtual influencers of 2022.

Kyra from India

India jumped on the bandwagon and came up with its first virtual influencer, Kyra, in December 2021. Kyra recently crossed one hundred thousand followers on Instagram. She has shared several posts from different locations in India on her profile. 

Rozy from South Korea 

Since her launch in 2020, South Korean virtual influencer Rozy has landed several brand deals and sponsorships. She has also strutted the runway in virtual fashion shows and enjoys a great fan following.

Lu of Magalu

Created in 2003 as the voice of an in-store salesperson for Magazine Luiza’s e-commerce websites, Lu first appeared on Magalu’s YouTube channel in 2019. As her influence grew, she became the brand’s spokesperson and helped the company build a fanbase of 32M+ across social media platforms.

Miquela Sousa

Miquela is often regarded as the first hyperrealistic virtual influencer to achieve mainstream popularity. On social media, her fans follow her life in L.A. as a 19-year-old robo girl created by Brud. 

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