Viral: This company has launched sneakers filled with real beer, will you buy it?

Not Heineken its Heinekicks! In the fashion world innovations are endless, but sometimes it turns bizarre. In the past, we have seen ample of new ideas that blew all of our minds – whether it was Balenciaga’s fully destroyed sneakers or Lil Nas X ‘Satan Shoes’ filled with real human blood. 

And now, the internet is back again with the new strange and weird pair of shoes that are filed with the beer, yes, real beer. 

These bizarre shoes that have become the talk of the world have been launched by the beer brand Heineken and are called Heinekicks. 

The customised shoes are launched by the bear brand in collaboration with well known designer, Dominic Ciambrone aka shoe surgeon.

Sharing the first look of the smart pair of shoes, the beer company tweeted, ”Beer for your sole Designed in collaboration with noted shoe designer, Dominic Ciambrone, to celebrate the smoothness of Heineken®️ Silver. Heinekicks aren’t your everyday shoe, but it’s not every day you get to walk on beer.”

The limited edition shoe comes in white colour with green and red lining and the soul of the shoes is filled with a beer, that is injected using a specialized surgical injection, as per agencies. 

The sneakers also have a metal bottle opener. 

The weird pair of shoes as always has sparked a debate on various social media sites – some become an instant fan of the new pair of shoes, while others just got busy creating hilarious memes. 

“These are awesome,” one netizen wrote.

Check out the reactions below: