Warzone Operation Monarch: When are Godzilla and King Kong in Call of Duty? Date, time

operation monarch

Operation Monarch – When is Godzilla and King Kong arriving in Warzone? (Image: ACTIVISION BLIZZARD)

Warzone players will soon see the Operation Monarch event launch. The big season 3 event is launching a few weeks after the latest Battle Pass debuted, and it will be bringing with it limited-time Godzilla and King Kong cosmetics. If you’re wondering when you need to mark down in your diary, and what to expect from Operation Monarch, then here’s what you need to know…


It’s been confirmed that Operation Monarch will be launching on Wednesday May 11.

A release time hasn’t been announced for the Warzone event but looking at when season 3 went live may give us an idea.

The season 3 update for Warzone and Call of Duty Vanguard went live at 9am pacific time, 12pm eastern and 5pm BST.

Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone season two trailer


Anyone that has watched a MonsterVerse movie will be familiar with the namesake for the latest Call of Duty event.

Monarch are the shadowy, secretive scientific organisation that plays a key role in movies such as Skull Island and Godzilla vs Kong.

And, as you’d expect, the Operation Monarch event will be bringing with it plenty of content to keep Kong and Godzilla fans happy.

The headline attractions will be three skins based on these iconic movie monsters.

Here’s what Activision Blizzard has said so far about these inbound Operation Monarch skins in a post online

Season Three Bundle Highlights: Kong, Godzilla, and Mechagodzilla Operator outfits Coming Soon for a Limited Time

For Operation Monarch, Operators can become more than elite: with the help of limited-time Bundles based on Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, and Kong, they can become a (human-sized version of) the ultimate superspecies.

operation monarch

Call of Duty Warzone is getting Godzilla and King Kong-themed cosmetics (Image: ACTIVISION BLIZZARD)

Tracer Pack: Kong Limited Time Bundle

Ready to rule the island?

The Tracer Pack: Kong Limited Time Bundle celebrates a Titan with nearly 90 years of history with nine items, including a Legendary “Kong” Operator Skin for Wade inspired by the ruler of Skull Island.

Wield the power with three Legendary Weapon Blueprints: the “Temple of Kong” Sniper Rifle and “Skull Island Shaker” SMG which shoot jungle green tracers, as well as “Kong’s Scepter,” a variant of the Axe “Skål Crusher” melee weapon that turns it into the weapon Kong’s ancestors supposedly crafted.

The rest of the Bundle includes items based off Kong: a powerful “Gravity Inversion” Finishing Move, a “Primal Power” Spray, a “Jia’s Doll” Weapon Charm, a “Kong Roar” Animated Emblem, and a Vanguard-exclusive “Watch Your Back” Highlight Intro.

operation monarch

The MonsterVerse skins are launching as part of Operation Monarch (Image: ACTIVISION BLIZZARD)

Tracer Pack: Godzilla Reactive Mastercraft Limited Time Bundle

Prepare to intimidate your opponents with the Tracer Pack: Godzilla Reactive Mastercraft Limited Time Bundle, a nine-item pack based on the beloved reptile.

In addition to the Legendary “Godzilla Ghillie” Operator Skin for Shigenori, fans of Godzilla can be like their favorite Titan with the Ultra “Breath of Godzilla” Mastercraft Weapon Blueprint. This Assault Rifle is stylized to look like a miniature version of the beast and shoots icy-blue heat ray tracers similar to that of Godzilla’s signature heat ray attack.

This Bundle also contains a Legendary “Awakened Alpha” LMG, a devastating “Gojira Stomp” Finishing Move, a “Protector of Earth” Calling Card, two Sprays, a “Godzilla Heat Ray” Animated Emblem, and a Vanguard-exclusive “Big Mistake” MVP Highlight.

operation monarch

Operation Monarch launches in Warzone on May 11 (Image: ACTIVISION BLIZZARD)

Tracer Pack: Mechagodzilla Limited Time Bundle

But the Titans are not alone. In a time of monsters, humanity built its own… designed to make us the ultimate dominant species. A precision engineered Apex Predator: Mechagodzilla!

Don its armor and become the apex hunter you were born to be with the Tracer Pack: Mechagodzilla Limited Time Bundle. With this Bundle, you get the Legendary “Mechagodzilla” Operator Skin for Constanze, and nine other items, with two — the “Machine Learning” MVP Highlight and the “Rival Protocol” Highlight Intro — being Vanguard exclusive.

The rest of the items are the finest that Apex Cybernetics could forge: the Legendary “Cybernetic Destroyer” Assault Rifle, the Legendary “Neural Uplink” SMG, the deadly “Nanometal Tail Blade” melee weapon, a “Network Uptime” Watch, “Mechagodzilla Head” Charm, and its very own logo featured as the “Evolving Together” Emblem.

All three Bundles will be available during Operation Monarch — stay tuned for offiial updates on their exact release dates.