What is Fibromyalgia? The disorder that Vikram Bhatt is suffering from

Last month, actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu revealed that she has been suffering from an autoimmune disease called myositis, a rare disease that causes inflammation of the muscles. Seeing Samantha bravely sharing her diagnosis with the world has led director Vikram Bhatt to come forward and talk about his own health crises, which he has been facing secretly for the last 18 years.

During his recent interaction with the Bombay Times, the filmmaker revealed that he has also been suffering from a similar kind of muscle disorder called fibromyalgia.

During his chat with the publication, Vikram shared, “I have been suffering for the past 18 years.” In Samantha’s case, myositis leads to weakness of the muscles, and in my case, fibromyalgia leads to intense muscle pain. You process pain differently. What may not be painful for a normal person is very painful for me. There is no cure for either of the disorders, as it’s your body attacking you.

Further sharing that it was a hard journey for him, Vikram added, “There are days when you have flare-ups, and there are days when you are better. Only metaphysical things like meditation or good sleep can help. I have been lucky to have a good support system, but it’s hard. It has been a tough journey that has taken a lot out of me but has also made me stronger.”

Praising Samantha for her brave move to share her diagnosis, Vikram said, ”I want to reach out to Samantha and tell her that if I can make it, so can you. I am so glad she spoke up. Hiding takes as much strength as fighting the pain,” Vikram said.

He also urged people to not suffer alone but to come out and talk.

“Whether it’s depression, fibromyalgia, anxiety, or myositis, there should not be any kind of stigma attached to these things. I urge people not to suffer alone. I want them to come out and say, This is me. That will take the burden off your chest. Diagnosis and treatment weren’t easy, though”

He explained further, “In the first four years when it was detected, I didn’t know myself what was going on.” You experience migraines, body aches, and depression. You think they are all different illnesses, and you try to cure them separately,” he said.

What is fibromyalgia, and how is it different from myositis?

As Vikram said, myositis leads to weakness of the muscles, and in my case, fibromyalgia leads to intense muscle pain. Like myositis, this chronic disorder fibromyalgia is also related to muscle, but it’s different, incurable and excruciating. The person suffering from it faces more difficulties like deficiencies in sleep, memory, and body pain, among other serious issues.

Fibromyalgia is untreatable, and many times it can’t be diagnosed. But doctors provide medication and treat the other health difficulties the patient is going through.

A rare disease that causes inflammation of the muscles, very uncommon illness caused by an infection, an injury, or an autoimmune condition. The first sign of myositis is usually a rash. Other signs that an individual can complain of are muscle pain, weakness, and fatigue, among others.

Many take this disease very lightly, but it is a very serious condition that demands medical supervision.