103 Sorsogon farmers get e-titles from DAR

A total of 124 electronic land titles comprising a total of 205 hectares of land were distributed to 103 agrarian reform beneficiaries (ARB) of Sorsogon, the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) said.

The distribution of the electronic land titles or e-titles was made possible by the agency’s Support to Parcelization of Lands for Individual Titling or SPLIT Project, which subdivided collective certificates of land ownership award (CCLOAs) that were previously issued to by DAR.

Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officer (PARPO) II Nida A. Santiago said the simultaneous distribution of titles started in the Municipal Office of Juban with seven ARBs receiving their titles after long years of waiting. The titles comprise an area of 18.9407 hectares located in Buraburan, Juban, Sorsogon. 

The DAR Municipal Office in Matnog handed out the titles comprising a total of 21.0402 hectares to ten ARBs in Tugas and Balocawe.

Municipal Agrarian Reform Program Officer Gil Garrido, together with personnel of DAR Matnog conducted the DAR-to-DOOR distribution of the titles to bring joy to the targeted beneficiaries. 

Santiago disclosed that thirteen e-titles were also delivered to 13 ARBs in Pilar located in Poctol, Esmerada, Bayawas and San Antonio, Pilar, Sorsogon covering an area of 30.1351 hectares. 

“DAR Sorsogon also made another mark in history with the 1st Ceremonial Distribution and Turn-Over of e-Titles to ARBs to 31 ARBs with an area of 35.3604 in Barangay Escuala, Casiguran, Sorsogon,” she said.

Santiago personally handed 32 e-titles to the beneficiaries who were delighted with the outpouring of blessings for their families. 

“The distribution of the generated titles is just the beginning of the delivery of agrarian reform for our beneficiaries. Aside from this title, we would also provide them support services and agrarian justice that they need,” Santiago said. 

She emphasized that another momentous day occurred for the ARBs of the coastal rural barangay of Behia in Magallanes, Sorsogon as 24 ARBs received 27 e-titles from DAR.

“These titles are documented from government-owned lands (GOL) from the Department of National Defense embracing an area of 38.7861 hectares,” she said.

OIC-PARPO I Liza B. Repotente cited the significance of the c-titles, which symbolizes life’s challenges in making the land productive as well as in accessing responsive support services.

Other DAR Municipal Offices have joined the distribution of e-titles to 17 ARBs with 38.2573 hectares in the Donsol, Barcelona, Bacon District and Sorsogon City.

“Issuing separate titles for each farmer-beneficiary is better because it enables them to have a clear and defined ownership of the parcels of land they are tilling,” Repotente said.