Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry are twin assassins in ‘Bullet Train’ 

Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Avengers: Age of Ultron, upcoming Kraven The Hunter) and Brian Tyree Henry (Marvel’s The Eternals) star as lethal assassins called The Twins in Columbia Pictures’ new action-thriller Bullet Train, in Philippine cinemas August 3.

Bullet Train brings together seven characters, all with connected, conflicting, and at times, confusing objectives. “Fate brings these people onto this train, and their energies combine in the craziest, most gonzo way possible,” says producer Kelly McCormick.

The Twins, Tangerine (Taylor-Johnson) and Lemon (Henry), aren’t actually twins. (No kiddin’.) In fact, though they are seemingly a disparate pair, they are lifelong brothers in arms. Tangerine is a Savile Row-suited killer with slicked back hair and flashy gold jewelry – not exactly subtle. Lemon, meanwhile, possesses a guileless demeanor and moral compass that he has honed entirely from the lessons from “Thomas the Tank Engine” – but he is nevertheless just as talented a hitman as his twin.

Taylor-Johnson and Henry say that their offscreen chemistry drove the onscreen relationship (and vice versa). “Tangerine and Lemon go hand in hand and really rely on each other,” says Taylor-Johnson. “There’s a love between them, a deeply rooted partnership that goes back years and years. That kind of bond needs to be supported by an instant connection and chemistry for us both, and Brian brought the energy, fire, and passion every day. I fed off of his energy, bounced off of his enthusiasm and his charisma. He’s one of the best actors around, without a doubt.”

Henry, well-known for his roles in The Eternals and Atlanta, says he was able to tap into the fun odd-couple nature of their characters’ pairing. “Lemon is incredibly genuine. He is the most genuine, childlike, joyous psychopath you’ll ever meet in your life,” Henry says. “He enters a room and you can’t miss him, but at the same time, he has a real ease about him. That’s why pairing him with Aaron’s Tangerine is so perfect. Tangerine is crazy, and there’s a finesse that Aaron has when he steps into the role. He’s that fine wine of sociopaths. The two of us together is so eclectic and fun and we’re just the oddest pairing, but at the same time, it works so well.”