After the fall of Nadhim Zahawi, many taxing questions remain | Nadhim Zahawi

Now that Nadhim Zahawi has been sacked, possessing been identified to be in critical breach of the ministerial code (Nadhim Zahawi sacked as Tory party chair in excess of tax affairs, 29 January), definitely the big problem to request is: how significantly British isles tax has he prevented, albeit lawfully, by investing his wealth in overseas tax havens? And how a lot of other MPs and government ministers also avoid British isles tax by this method of investment? The ministerial code requirements to be up-to-date to question if it is morally satisfactory for ministers to lawfully stay clear of tax when they are dependable for raising taxes from the relaxation of us, who are not rich more than enough to use this loophole.
Rob Tidbury
Paulton, Somerset

I suppose we really should not be astonished that Nadhim Zahawi’s resignation letter to the prime minister contains not a hint of apology, let by yourself any recognition that he had carried out a little something incorrect. But then, in his letter to Zahawi, the key minister could not carry himself to ascribe to Zahawi, in conditions, the significant breach of the ministerial code unearthed by the ethics adviser. It was just “there has been a significant breach”. Under no circumstances apologise, by no means reveal. Remind me, who explained that?
Valerie Bayliss

Nadhim Zahawi writes to the prime minister about his fleeing to Good Britain as a child: “I imagine that in no other region on earth would my tale be probable.” Fortunately for him, neither Suella Braverman nor Priti Patel have been house secretary at the time.
Henry Spyvee
Guildford, Surrey

The inequalities and answers lifted by Polly Toynbee want to be introduced to the notice of the broader general public (Zahawi, Sunak, Johnson: this is rule by plutocrat. It is like a stench that is worse just about every working day, 23 January). I recommend a campaign touring the place with a major purple bus plastered with this slogan: “We give £350m a 7 days to the richest people in this nation. Why not expend it on the NHS as an alternative?”
Terry Fletcher
Cramlington, Northumberland

Nadhim Zahawi would have accomplished effectively to emulate the actions of one of his predecessors as MP for Stratford-on-Avon, John Profumo, who immediately resigned when his affair with Christine Keeler became community. Profumo redeemed his track record by devoting the relaxation of his daily life to charitable leads to. Any opportunity that Zahawi will do the exact same?
Catherine Dyer

May I congratulate Maggie Lyons (Letters, 27 January) on the result of her modern wager about Nadhim Zahawi. Could she be persuaded, most likely, to make yet another 50p bet with her husband that Dominic Raab will be absent by the finish of this week?
Simon Crombie
Wokingham, Berkshire

No a single ought to criticise Nadhim Zahawi for his careless error unless they can say, hand on coronary heart, that they have by no means neglected to fork out £3m of tax that they owe.
Mike Cashman
Milton Keynes

So Nadhim Zahawi finds himself out in the cold on the backbenches. Not to get worried, he can always warm up in his horses’ stables.
Ruth Coomber
Needham Sector, Suffolk

It is unusual for a Tory minister to dress in a beard, so among other issues Nadhim Zahawi has now managed to deliver the hirsute into disrepute.
Keith Flett
Tottenham, London