Brexit LIVE: ‘Horror’ Remainer civil servants’ plot to scupper £10bn Australia trade deal

Remainer civil servants have been accused of trying to scupper a £10billion trade deal between the UK and Australia.

George Brandis, Canberra’s former ambassador to London, said that “Whitehall horror” at Brexit caused some negotiators to display “reluctance bordering on hostility” during talks.

In an interview with the Spectator, Mr Brandis claimed that Liz Truss and the Australian side were “both fighting Whitehall”.

He said: “The default position in Whitehall was horror at Brexit.

“So there were really three sides to the trade negotiation: a large element of the Whitehall establishment, the Australian side, and then Liz Truss and those close to her.

“We were, in a sense, both fighting Whitehall.”

The landmark £10.4 billion trade deal between the UK and Australia was eventually signed last December and is predicted to boost trade between the two countries.