DOH reports 24-percent jump in Covid cases with 44 deaths from July 25 to 31

The Department of Health (DOH) on Monday reported it has logged 24,100 Covid-19 cases logged from July 25 to 31, which translates to an average of 3,443 cases per day.

The latest cases marked a 24- percent increase as compared to the recorded cases from July 18 to 24.

There were 44 deaths according to the DOH but none occurred from July 18 to 31.

Severe and critical cases

AS of July 31, there were 744 severe and critical Covid cases admitted in hospitals.

Of the 2,583 ICU beds for Covid patients, 601 (23.3 percent) are occupied.


The DOH said that over 71 million individuals or 91.81 percent of the target population were vaccinated.

There were 16.2 million individuals who received their booster shots.

On the other hand, 6.7 million senior citizens or 77.87 percent of the target A2 population have received their primary series.

To remain safe and protected, the DOH also reminded the general public to continue to adhere to the minimum public health standards by wearing the best-fitted masks, observe social distancing, and immediate isolation at the onset of symptoms.

Image credits: Wikipedia