Europe hot weather: ‘Exceptional heat’ as 30C heatwave to scorch continent for TEN days

France is set to experience a heatwave which will last for around ten days, according to Christine Bern, climatologist at Météo France. The forecaster described the weather conditions as “exceptional” for the month of May. Temperatures are expected to reach between 25 and 28C in the north, and between 27 and 31C in the south as a result of high pressure moving in from the Azores.

Meanwhile, WXCharts has forecast highs of 31C near Bordeaux, 28C near Toulouse, 24C in Paris and 27C in Lyon.

The warm weather will qualify as a heatwave, Ms Bern said, as average temperatures will reach more than five degrees above the “seasonal norm”.

By Wednesday, temperatures in Bordeaux, Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand, Agen, Toulouse and Montauban could reach beyond 30C.

According to French news outlet Le Figaro, the hot weather could bring a “drought episode” in France.

Speaking about the weather in France, Ms Bern said: “A heat episode relatively exceptional for a month of May.

“Since this Monday and until the end of the week, temperatures will rise gradually.

“We will certainly reach 30C from Wednesday in the Lyon area and in the southwest.

“On Friday and Saturday, a small moment of cooling should take place, with some showers but not for the whole country (rather in the southeast and the northeast).

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She added: “We can certainly talk about a heatwave.

“To define what it is on a national scale, we are interested in the minimum and maximum temperatures as well as the national average temperature.

“When the latter, over the whole of France, is five degrees above the seasonal norm for three days, we start talking about a ‘heatwave’.

“But, as I explained, these high temperatures will occur this week and next week. We will certainly reach 20 or even 22 degrees on average in the coming days.

“However, the national monthly average in normal time is 15 degrees.”

Temperatures are also set to soar in Spain, with forecasters from El Mundo predicting conditions to be “dry and sunny, with higher than normal temperatures”.

Spain is due to see temperatures of up to 31C on Wednesday, 29C on Thursday and 31C across the weekend.

The UK is also set to see warm weather this week, with Netweather predicting that temperatures will reach up to 20C in the south today.

By next week, the forecaster has predicted that temperatures will reach up to 26C.