‘Feel like I want to die’ Heartbroken mum of aid worker captured by Russians speaks out

Linda Urey said Paul would message her “20 times a day” and FaceTime her but has since lost contact with him. UK non-profit organisation Presidium Network have said that Paul Urey and Dylan Healey were working as humanitarian aid volunteers when captured by Russian forces on Monday at a checkpoint south of the city of Zaporizhzhia in south-eastern Ukraine

They were not working for the Presidium Network, which helps to get aid into Kyiv.

Asked how she feels, Ms Urey told Sky News: “I feel like I want to die.

“I said please don’t go.

“He told me, ‘I can’t live with myself knowing people need my help to get to safety. I have to go’.”

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Mr Urey, who was born in 1977 and is from Manchester, and Mr Healey, born in 2000 and from Cambridgeshire, travelled to Ukraine of their own accord, Presidium Network said.

In an earlier statement from Linda, released by Presidium Network, she said: “My family and I are extremely worried

“We know my son Paul and his friend who was a humanitarian aid volunteer in Ukraine has been captured by the Russians.

“He was out there on his own accord.”

Dominik Byrne, one the founders of the Presidium Network, told the PA news agency: “Basically what needs done is two things – we need to put pressure on the Government to take this case seriously, and try, through their networks to verify this, but also to kind of help us find these people.

“But also because I know diplomatic channels are completely broken down, we use these tactics to find people by having it very public and putting pressure publicly on Russia to determine that they have got these two people and that they’re safe and well.

“And we want to tell the Russians basically that these aren’t spies. These aren’t military people. These are just humanitarian workers who got caught in a bad situation.”

He said the men were mostly helping with the distribution of medical aid and also helping with evacuations.