Global satellite provider, telco firm transmit academic content to more than 2,000 remote schools

LUXEMBOURG-BASED SES and homegrown ComClark Network and Technology Corp. are working together to empower thousands of Filipino educators with high-speed, satellite-based connectivity, bringing content to more than 2,000 off-grid schools nationwide by improving their quality of teaching and learning.

With their partnership, ComClark will access the Ku-band capacity from the SES-9 satellite through its own teleport and connectivity technologies for voice, video and data applications to connect the data center, while simultaneously casting education materials and curriculum to all participating public schools.

The Philippine government has prioritized the delivery of quality education to all students throughout the country, as schools shifted to the new normal of remote learning since the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020. This involved the distribution of learning modules, complemented with alternative learning modalities such as online, blended, television- and radio-based instructions that need, along with other delivery modes, dependable, consistent high-speed broadband services.

Terrestrial connectivity around the Philippines, is expensive and challenging. Satellite network connectivity, on the other hand, is a cost-effective and reliable alternative to extending or complementing terrestrial communications, particularly in hard-to-reach areas.

“We are delighted to work with SES on our maiden project to deliver educational content to schools in the Philippines,” said ComClark Chief Executive Officer Dennis Anthony Uy. “SES’s satellite-communications services are enabling us to connect schools even in the most remote towns and villages, [while providing] quality learning opportunities to school children anywhere in the country.”

“Reliable broadband service is vital for the educational content to reach all…school children in the Philippines, no matter where they are, so that each…can benefit from the opportunities offered by quality education,” Uy added.

For SES, its partnership with ComClark highlights the way its satellite technology can provide reliable and affordable connectivity even in far-flung areas.

“We are pleased to work with ComClark and to have played a role in ensuring quality education in the Philippines,” said Harsh Verma, vice president for Asia networks sales at SES.