In change of course, US agrees to send 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov mentioned any Abrams shipments would be a squander of income as they “burn off” like other tanks in Ukraine.

The head of the Ukrainian presidential administration, Andriy Yermak, hailed the tank bulletins as a “historic day” that would aid determine the consequence of the war.

Biden claimed the US determination was not in reaction to tension from Germany, answering a reporter’s shouted question. “Germany didn’t drive me to adjust my head, we wanted to make certain we had been all jointly,” he explained.


The Abrams – among the the most potent US tanks – will not be heading to Ukraine at any time shortly.

Senior administration officials who briefed reporters on the decision stated it will choose months, not months, for the Abrams to be sent and explained the transfer in conditions of providing for Ukraine’s very long-time period defence.

Customers of the Ukrainian military will be educated on working with the Abrams in a nonetheless-to-be established location. Although a hugely advanced and highly-priced weapon, the Abrams is challenging to maintain and delivers a logistical resupply obstacle simply because it runs on jet gas.

The total expense of a single Abrams tanks can change, and can be about US$10 million for every tanks when including instruction and sustainment.

Senior administration officers said Biden had spoken to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on various occasions this month about aid to Ukraine. He talked once more on Wednesday to Scholz as perfectly as to British Primary Minister Rishi Sunak and French President Emmanuel Macron, both of whom are shut allies in encouraging Ukraine.