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It’s time to give up flying on holiday

Breda Kingston and Fiona Henderson say taking flights has a huge impact on the climate across the world

A plane taking off from Gatwick airport

Gaby Hinsliff’s article (Travel chaos and understaffed airports are a wake-up call: Britain is unravelling, 29 July) filled me with disquiet. She writes: “Travel chaos is the ultimate in first-world problems, of course, confined to those lucky enough to afford a holiday.” Yes, that is so, with 80% of the world’s population never flying – one of the many injustices in the climate chaos, whereby those who emit the least suffer the most. The first world’s sense of entitlement to fly on holiday is orders of magnitude greater than the travel chaos endured by it.
Breda Kingston

Gaby Hinsliff’s article joins another on how to pack for flights (Ten tips to save space and money as you pack for holidays – and still be ready for anything, 23 July) in continuing the normalisation of air travel. And this is alongside the clear climate coverage on other pages. Surely by now we all know that flying is contributing to the climate crisis and that we need to stop doing it? The first world’s flying is a problem for the globe, not just for us. Everything we do has an effect and we should not be flying.
Fiona Henderson