‘Ka’ Leody, Walden to pushpro-labor causes after polls

PARTIDO Lakas ng Masa will continue to be active in pushing for the implementation of pro- labor measures after the May 9 polls.

In a weekend breakfast forum in Quezon City, PLM leaders Leodegario “Ka Leody”  de Guzman and Professor Walden Bello vowed to be active in advancing pro-labor, pro-Filipino and other progressive issues to the Filipinos. Some of the advocacies the PLM will be pushing are the implementation of the P750 minimum wage, abolition of employment agencies and the negation of labor contracting scheme.

“Civil society organizations must be proactive. On the part of the PLM, it will work together with other progressive organizations to fight the economic neoliberalism prevailing in the country,” de Guzman, the party’s presidential bet in the May 2022 polls,  said in Filipino.

De Guzman and Bello, the first ever socialist presidential and vice-presidential tandem in Philippine election history also discussed the final version of their socialist program of government at the May 7 Pandesal Forum with media at 83-year-old Kamuning Bakery Cafe in Quezon City, s they capped their campaign.

They urged the electorate to vote for system reforms and not for the usual traditional politicians and political dynasties.

They lamented the lopsided, money-dominated electoral system which has for generations favored the entrenched traditional political dynasties and business elites as well as their vested interests, while De Guzman and Bello reiterated that they are fighting for the welfare and rights of millions of workers, farmers, fishermen and other marginalized people. “The May 2022 elections also saw the consolidation of the so-called fat dynasties,” de Guzman said.

Bello said PLM will also work for the decriminalization of abortion and implementaton of divorce in the Philippines. “The country has an average of  600,000 illegal abortions every year,” he pointed out.

De Guzman said that the past seven months’ election campaign was deemed by their group as a victory already, having given them the opportunity to educate the public and to raise questions about fundamental socio-economic and political inequities. Asked on the comparison between the 1987 participation of Partido ng Bayan and PLM, de Guzman said observed the progressive sector has gained more traction as more Filipinos have become exposed to their progressive ideas and principles.

Bello also warned against voting for Ferdinand Marcos as president, contending that his victory shall usher in “a period of political instability” and economic uncertainties. “It will be a rough six years if they win,” Bello pointed out.