Kate and William won’t respond as Meghan and Harry ‘air dirty laundry’ in Netflix series | Royal | News

The Prince and Princess of Wales will not respond to Harry and Meghan’s new Netflix documentary, but maintain a dignified silence, a royal expert has claimed. The six-part “Harry & Meghan” show, billed as “unprecedented and in-depth” will be broadcast on the streaming service from today. Release of the six-part series has raised questions about how members of the Royal Family will respond.

Kinsey Schofiled, host of the To Di For Daily podcast, told Express.co.uk William and Kate will continue to do their work and rise above the drama.

She said: “I believe the sharpest response is silence. If the Prince and Princess of Wales go about their business, face forward, shoulders back… it tells the world that Harry and Meghan are beneath them and not worth their time or energy.

“This was perfectly executed in Boston. I watched Catherine gleefully meet with adoring fans. Love on puppies and make several beelines to babies. It was wonderful and refreshing to see how unbothered she was by the west coast troublemakers.

“Audiences are tired of the constant complaining and airing of dirty laundry. There is little that hasn’t already been said.”

Asked about reports the Palace will respond to any controversial claims which might emerge, Ms Schofield said: “This is a really slippery slope. I know the palace will handle this with care. If a claim is so outrageous… perhaps an official response would shut it down… However, I suspect that accusations will be proven false with strategic suggestions to respected media outlets in the form of whispers and/or former members of staff coming out to refute claims.

“Do we expect William to hold a press conference? No. But might someone in his orbid point the media in the direction of a contradiction or proof of a fib? Maybe.”

She added: “Harry and Meghan seem to lack the ability to recognize the consequences of their actions. William will fight fiercely for his birthright and the future of the monarchy.

“Harry’s destructive behaviour would be incredibly disappointing to their mother, Princess Diana. Anything we see that sways from palace protocol would be an extreme act of preserving the sanctity and the reputation of the family.”

A friend close to the Royal Family, who has not been named, has stressed the situation concerned “real people” and that there was a “great deal of sadness” involved.

They said: “It’s really important to remember that these are real people. This isn’t a soap opera. They are human beings and a family and there’s a great deal of sadness.”

Harry’s father King Charles and brother William, along with Camilla and Kate, are not expected to personally watch the series, but royal aides are expected to be tasked with closely monitoring the output, and considering, if at all, how to respond.

The King and the Royal Family will be carrying on with royal duties as normal today (December 8), with the docu-series also coinciding with the first circulation of coins bearing Charles’ effigy in post offices around the UK.