Labour MPs back gender-critical group after conference snub

Labour MPs back gender-critical group after conference snub

MP and peers urge party to reconsider decision to reject request from Labour Women’s Declaration group

Last year’s Labour party conference in Brighton

Labour MPs have expressed support for a group campaigning for sex-based rights that has been barred from having a presence inside the party’s autumn conference.

The Labour Women’s Declaration group has been handed a definitive rejection after its request for a stand at the conference in Liverpool. The “gender-critical” group argues that sex-based rights should not be eroded by those based on gender identity.

In a letter to the Observer, a group of MPs and peers write: “Just as we have all appreciated and benefited from the presence of other campaign groups at conference, we had hoped that the presence of Labour Women’s Declaration’s stand, alongside those of groups with other perspectives such as LGBT Labour, would be an opportunity for us all to learn more … We therefore call upon the party to reconsider its decision.”

The letter is signed by the MPs Tonia Antoniazzi, Feryal Clark, Marsha de Cordova, Rosie Duffield, Julie Elliott, Mary Glindon, Diana Johnson and Steve McCabe. It was also signed by Labour peers including Dianne Hayter and party’s former general secretary David Triesman.