Move over, Einstein, 12-year-old Anwita’s high IQ score is no theory | UK | News

Aged just 12, schoolgirl Anwita Patil currently has an IQ greater than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, writes Helena Vesty. The youngster shocked officers at Mensa, the earth-well known higher-IQ society, when she scored extra than the two legendary physicists – believed to have IQs close to 160.

Anwita’s mothers and fathers put her forward for the examination right after she retained beating her mathematician mum Anu at challenging issues.

Stunned father Jay, an NHS consultant in Manchester, reported: “She got the greatest achievable rating of 162 in her age classification.”

Anu, who has a PhD in maths, realised there was anything unconventional happening when her minor female started beating her to the answers.

Jay claimed: “Ideal from key faculty, Anwita would be coming up with a number of approaches of solving issues my spouse doesn’t know. We imagined there had to be a thing else going on.”

So Anwita took two Mensa checks – the first for linguistic ability and lateral thinking, which observed her strike 162. The 2nd was for visual and spatial consciousness, and she scored 140.

Happy dad Jay extra: “When we uncovered out, I considered ‘you ought to be joking?’.