Not ready for war! Biden’s military weakness exposed as China threats soar

A document has revealed that the US military in Asia might not be organised enough to cope with the soaring China threat. The document, which was presented to Congress in April, reads: “Current theatre logistics posture and capability to sustain the force are inadequate to support operations specifically in a contested environment.” It comes as US-China tension continues to escalate over the dispute of Taiwan.

While China views the independent island country as its own, the US has vowed to defend Taiwan in the event of an attack or invasion.

But worryingly, the Pentagon has warned that US army might not be ready.

This is despite President Joe Biden previously warned that there is no need to “worry about whether they (China) are going to be more powerful” as “China, Russia and the rest of the world knows we’re the most powerful military in the history of the world”.

But Mr Biden has been urged to build up a strong military capacity in the region to constrain China, an attempt which appears to have failed according to the document.

Lawrence Haas, an expert from the American Foreign Policy Council, warned: ”Washington will need to maintain an unchallenged military capacity to protect its presence in Asia and other regions as China seeks to dislodge or overshadow it, and to use public diplomacy effectively as the two nations compete for the loyalty of grassroots populations around the world.”

But the Pentagon’s planning document for the US Pacific Deterrence Initiative (PDI) has suggested that its influence could be on the verge of waning

The PDI was set up specifically to ramp up the US military’s preparedness in the Indo-Pacific region.

The Pentagon has suggested the PDI needs $27.1billion (£22billion) in funding over the next five years to stand up to China.

It estimates that $1.02billion (£826million) will need to be spent on logistics so the US can resupply its forces with ammunition, fuel, food, and medical supplies with stockpiles ahead of a conflict breaking out.

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But China has been conducting its own drills in the region which could spark panic for the US.

This week, Taipei reported that six Chinese military aircrafts entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone (ADIZ).

It marked the third day of intrusions this month alone, with 10 military aircrafts entering Taiwan’s airspace, including two fighter jets, five spotter planes, two bombers, and one helicopter.