Philanthropy conference urges mission-sustaining investments for community-based organizations

Non-profit organizations, community-based organizations, and philanthropic development offices are a crisis away from failing to sustain their mission. The pandemic has made this more apparent, with funding drying up for small NGOs.

To mitigate risks, organizations must lean into the power of an Ecosystem of Good. They must leverage partnerships, and create synergy through strategies that collectively activate their networks’ strengths while minimizing individual weaknesses to continue serving their communities.

Spring Rain Global’s 6th Asian Philanthropic Development Conference, which will take place virtually on July 27-July 29, will provide insights on how this could be done. With the theme “Beyond Boundaries for Impact: Our Sustainable Ecosystem Roadmap,” APDC6 will tackle current challenges as well as trends in giving, fundraising, and philanthropy.

An international panel of investment and development experts will highlight best practices and innovations in advocacy and lead participants in thinking through a concrete plan for building resilience through an empowered ecosystem of good.

“It is usual for the private sector, philanthropists, and governments to fund programs directly responding to the world’s biggest needs such as hunger and homelessness. But we at Spring Rain Global want to challenge them: where are the investments for the small mission-based organizations that work closest with those in need?,” said Dr. Glenda Miro-Antonio, Spring Rain Global’s president and CEO.

“We want to normalize investing in community-based organizations that implement programs closest to the need. In order for these organizations to sustain their missions, they would need the capital to capacitate their teams and cover other administrative costs.”

SRG has put together a panel of expert speakers for APDC6, including the co-founder and CEO of Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), Mr. Amit Bouri, and co-founder of Multicultural Engagement for Utah (ME4U), Mr. Robert Lucero to highlight the need and the ways to tackle this challenge.

The panel is expected to urge participants toward innovations in conscience-based investments, or the use of personal or organizational funds for causes that align with one’s values to create social impact.

The APDC6 is the flagship event of Spring Rain Global, a social enterprise that aims to empower philanthropic development organizations towards sustainability.

It aligns with the organization’s belief that sustainable development can only happen through partnerships among the private sector, philanthropists, and the governments to support advocacies and causes for the benefit of the most vulnerable people and communities.