‘Reasons of taste and decency’ BBC savaged for removing ‘poo’ article from website

On Thursday, May 24, the posted an article titled ‘Man spotted defecating on sofa in Manchester furniture store’, before swiftly deleting the article and accompanying tweet a few hours later. Posting the screenshot online, media editor at The Guardian Jim Waterson said: “Well that BBC editorial meeting must have been fun.”

In another screenshot, someone revealed a line in the original article, which read: “Ms Quinn said she had ‘prayed it was chocolate spread’, adding ‘I was mortified. It was the biggest human poo I think I have ever seen’.”

The article continued: “I will not be touching chocolate spread for a long time.”

Further down in the article, another worker at the furniture store in question said: “It was on our new easy clean range, so really, he couldn’t have picked a better sofa to do it on.”

The BBC is now being mocked online for the removal of the article, with one user commenting: “I would be the person in that meeting pounding my fist on the table and shouting the people have a right to know!”

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The tweet has received hundreds of likes online.

The original article was promoted on their social media channels, but has quickly been replaced with a quote tweet stating: “This article is no longer available for reasons of taste and decency.”