Romualdez on PBBM’s UN speech: I’ve ‘never been prouder’ to be a Filipino

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.’s participation in 77th United Nations (UN) General Assembly in New York City was a symbolic act that would play a significant role in advancing peace and stability not only in the Southeast Asian region but in the Philippine’s sphere of influence, House Speaker Martin G. Romualdez on Wednesday said.

In a news statement Romualdez said Marcos’s remarks showed “how we all need to work together to address the urgent problems plaguing the globe in this generation…[And] that we need to act fast if we want humanity to survive.”

“The UN has long been an independent arbiter and an effective facilitator of the international dialogue between and among nations. It continues to be our country’s honor to be part of this global family of nations that has continued to remain faithful to its mission of fostering world peace,” said Romualdez, who accompanied President Marcos in his visit to the US.

Marcos delivered the Philippine national statement before members of the UN at its 77th General Assembly held in its global headquarters.

The Chief Executive stressed, among others, the importance of the UN in enforcing and applying international law, as well as championing international dialogue and cooperation.

“President Marcos’s call for global unity resonates with each one of us who fear what the tectonic shifts in the world today may bring in the coming century. The President’s words struck a chord in every Filipino household. He verbalized what an average Filipino family would want to tell world leaders: please get your acts together so that we keep families all over the world feeling safe and secure for generations to come,” Romualdez said.

“Reaffirming the principles that the UN stands for means we also reaffirm our commitment to pursue dialogue and cooperation as a peaceful means to settle conflict and disputes. And this is crucial to the peace and stability in our region,” he added.

Romualdez said Marcos’s impassioned speech before the UN also reaffirmed the country’s commitment to honor its obligations under international law.

“By reaffirming the ideals of the UN, we also recognize that the Philippines is a part of a bigger world community and, as such, must adhere to the principles mutually agreed upon by members of the UN,” Romualdez said.

Romualdez also said he has “never been prouder” to be a Filipino after listening to Marcos’s  historic address at the UNGA.

“I have never been prouder to stand as a Filipino in the company of world leaders. It was a great experience to see and hear our President spell out, in clear terms, what we as a people expect from the parliament of nations,” Romualdez said, referring to the reaffirmation made by President Marcos of the ideals upheld and promoted by the UN.

President Marcos’s recent visit to the US is part of a series of international travel that aims to bring in much-needed investments into the Philippines after ill effects of the pandemic.