Royal Family LIVE: Harry and Meghan ‘nothing to show’ as Firm ‘needs to have them back’

This comes after Netflix axed Meghan’s animated series, Pearl.

Royal commentator Rafe Heydel-Mankoo described Netflix’s recent decision as a “complete disaster”, adding: “So while Harry’s Invictus documentary is carrying on, there is nothing for Meghan to show for it and it’s really calling into question whether they can walk the walk.”

But ex-Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Tina Brown told LBC that the couple could in fact be a “huge asset” to the Royal Family, adding: “I think they actually, they really needed them.”

She explained: “I mean, they were the face of, you know, younger, connecting to the young of England.

“To have a woman of colour in the Royal Family was, you know, a wonderful thing for the connection to a more diverse nation.

“So there was a need to have them back, I think. There is a need, I think, to have them back.”

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