Senator prods Marcos admin to boost Covid vax program

Administration Sen. Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go, noting Covid-19 continues to pose a major threat as a global health emergency, prodded Marcos government officials concerned to “continue to strengthen its vaccination program.”

This, as Go, chairman of the Senate Committee on Health and Demography, observed the Philippines’s vaccination rate remains at only 15 percent, lamenting this is way behind its Asian neighbors.

Presiding over the organizational meeting and briefing of the Senate Health Committee, Go stressed the importance of investing in the health-care system.

The administration lawmaker lamented that the Philippines “had a difficult time dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic during the first year because the country had neglected its health-care system for decades.”

Go sees the Covid-19 virus as “an eye opener, which must be a learning experience.

“We cannot afford to overburden our health-care system once again,” the senator stressed, “especially since other health threats like dengue imperil the lives of the Filipinos.”

He, however, credited the Senate health committee for successfully crafting  69 enabling laws to “upgrade and establish public hospitals nationwide.” -30-