‘Stalling’ Macron and Scholz shamed as EU chiefs urged to stand up to Putin’s escalation

Writing in an op-ed for Politico, he said: “The Franco-German engine has powered the European Union for over 70 years. Today, however, that engine has stalled in the face of the greatest challenge confronting European security since the end of World War II.

“The Continent’s most powerful economy and its most powerful military are failing to meet the moment. And, unfortunately, odds that either will change course within the timeframe necessary to help Kyiv achieve its objectives are low.”

He added: “Since those early days [of the war], though, the actions of Europe’s political dynamic duo have failed to match their own rhetoric. Germany has been dragging its feet on sending the kinds of military equipment other allies have been providing Ukraine for months.

“After promising to deliver multiple launch rocket systems, self-propelled howitzers and air defence systems, the glacial pace of delivery has cast doubt on Berlin’s commitment. Moreover, Germany’s sheer unwillingness to send heavy armoured forces — like tanks and infantry fighting vehicles — has prompted criticism from Ukrainian leaders, who accuse Berlin of backtracking.

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