Train strikes LIVE: M25 among motorways gridlocked as calls grow for Labour to apologise

Labour’s Emily Thornberry was grilled in an intense probe over the Labour party’s stance on the RTM strike after leader Sir Keir Starmer ordered frontbenchers to stay off picket lines.

Against that backdrop, Robert Peston asked Emily Thornberry: “Why therefore is Labour so muddled about whether or not to support workers and join picket lines or not?”

Emily Thornberry squirmed, putting the blame on Boris Johnson’s Government: “We’re not muddled at all. It’s perfectly clear. Our position is simply this, that this is a situation that needs to have the government involved. They need to take a strategic look at this.”

Mr Peston then exclaimed: “You’re also on a completely different question!”

“I’m not answering a different question,” Ms Thornberry shouted, “Let me finish what I’m going to say. So, just as we don’t expect them to pick a side, we expect them to be at the table and trying to sort this out and getting both sides involved.”